A new strategic direction for the Independenta Sibiu platform

A new strategic direction for the Independenta Sibiu platform

At the initiative of Transilvania Investments, the investment fund that owns the majority stake in Casa Albă Independenta S.A. Sibiu, a regeneration project of the industrial site in the historical center of Sibiu was started. The land, with an area of ​​8.75 hectares, is located on the former Independenta industrial platform.

The project is currently in the stage of public consultation, 4 meetings being scheduled until the end of September, during which authorities, businessmen, specialists in architecture, culture and related fields, interested people from the community will present their ideas regarding the future this unique site in the Sibiu community. The consultations are structured in the form of an iterative process, following which the main solutions will be retained and included in a set of recommendations to be attached to the proposal for the area’s master plan. The methodology used - Urban Design Management - is an urban planning tool that starts from the premise that any investment is an opportunity to create value for as many as possible people, to satisfy desires, needs, expectations, for both the developer and the community.

Currently, the former Independence industrial site is used only in a small proportion, below 10%, namely by the premises rented by the Sibiu Court and the business center developed by the company in the former administrative building.


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