Real Estate

The company's portfolio includes both direct exposures in companies that manage various projects, from office buildings or retail destinations, to logistics facilities, as well as exposures that are currently undergoing a rigorous analysis of the potential it offers (land, other buildings in conservation). The line of business is complemented by strategies for the indirect use of the material base managed by a number of companies in the managed portfolio.


Investments in the financial sector occupy a strategic place in the activity of Transilvania Investments, having as main advantage the assurance of a constant liquidity for other investment programs of the company, both through direct capitalizations and through remuneration policies. Our portfolio includes exposures in the banking and financial services segments, aligned with economic specifics and local capital market indices.


In a constant growth in the last two decades, tourism is a sector in which Transilvania Investments has constantly gained investment experience. The company has active placements in companies in various branches of the hospitality industry, from business tourism, leisure or spa tourism. Our projects in this field are thought long-term, our interest being performance-oriented, which helps our investors achieve their own goals.

Private Equity

Always attentive to what is happening in the market, always open to new investment areas: whether we are talking about a tech start-up or companies with a history, we are ready to support through investments investments that have the potential to bring our investors the desired return. We act through individualized strategies, whether we opt for a direct or an indirect investment.


The company is actively involved in harnessing the investment potential offered by Liquid Strategies (while maintaining the focus on the local capital market). It targets a wide range of strategies, namely short-term speculative strategies and portfolio allocations targeting relatively long investment horizons.

Breakdown by financial intruments

(on 30 September 2023)

Breakdown by supersectors

(on 30 September 2023)

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