Seven top seaside hotels are available for rent

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Investment intelligence and flair for opportunities

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Opportunities inspire us, investors motivate us, performance defines us

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Transilvania Investments is one of the largest investment funds in Romania, with over three decades of activity on the local capital market. Our mission is to maximize investor returns by managing a complex portfolio of assets. We are defined by progressive thinking, with ambitious long-term goals and responsibility for the sustainability of all the projects in which we are involved.
Patrițiu Abrudan
Chairman of Supervisory Board
Marius-Petre Nicoară
Deputy Chairman of Supervisory Board
Paul-George Prodan
Supervisory Board Member
Radu Momanu
Supervisory Board Member
Constantin Frățilă
Supervisory Board Member
Radu Claudiu Roșca
Executive President
Theo-Dorian Buftea
Executive Vice-President
Stela Corpacian
Executive Vice-President

Active trading

The company is actively involved in harnessing the investment potential offered by Liquid Strategies (while maintaining the focus on the local…
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Venture Capital/Private Equity

Always attentive to what is happening in the market, always open to new investment areas: whether we are talking about a…
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Real Estate

The company's portfolio includes both direct exposures in companies that manage various projects, from office buildings or retail destinations, to logistics…
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Transilvania Investments has a strategic interest in the industrial sector, as part of the efforts aimed at transforming the portfolio into…
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In a constant growth in the last two decades, tourism is a sector in which Transilvania Investments has constantly gained investment…
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Investments in the financial sector occupy a strategic place in the activity of Transilvania Investments, having as main advantage the assurance…
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Shares price

Date: 24-03-2023 02:03
Closing price
0.2850 lei
Lowest price
0.2800 lei
Highest price
0.2890 lei
0.3 %
Total volume 
616,296,482 lei


Proposal for 2022 profit distribution
20.03.2023, 12:11
Convening of the Extraordinary and Ordinary General Meetings of Shareholders
20.03.2023, 12:10
Annual review of the valuation policy and procedures
28.02.2023, 17:00
Supervisory Board Resolution of 28.02.2023
28.02.2023, 16:25

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