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Transilvania Investments

Investment intelligence and flair for opportunities.
Transilvania Investments is one of the largest investment funds in Romania with a long and relevant experience on the Romanian capital market. The respect and trust of our investors and shareholders starts from the modern management policy we have assumed, through a leadership and a team of experts in the financial field.

The fund manages diversified assets, having in its portfolio companies from the financial, tourism, real estate, energy and IT sectors. Investment intelligence and the appetite to take advantage of various opportunities always make us open to new and innovative sectors.

We assure our investors of transparency in the investment decisions we make, excellent corporate governance and a commitment to act diligently and responsibly in support of large-scale projects that serve the interests of Romania in general.

Positive energy and decision-making agility are part of Transilvania Investments' DNA, as is rigorous discipline in reducing long-term risks and ensuring investment success.
mil. EUR assets under management
hotel rooms
We act
with integrity
and good faith. Investing is a responsibility first and foremost. We are responsible, trustworthy, hardworking and respectful of people, their business and their money.
We add
in decisions. We are energetic in modus operandi; we think fast, but we think well. We reach a consensus and act around opportunities.
We deliver
Our results are performance-oriented, our goals are guided by the accumulation of knowledge and inspired by the goals of our partners.
We work with
and honesty. We are open, open-minded and open to change.


Supervisory Board and Executive Board
Patrițiu Abrudan
Chairman of Supervisory Board
Marius-Petre Nicoară
Deputy Chairman of Supervisory Board
Constantin Frățilă
Supervisory Board Member
Radu Claudiu Roșca
Executive President
Stela Corpacian
Executive Vice-President
Mihai Buliga
Executive Vice-President

Transilvania Investments

Committees of the Supervisory Board

Audit Committee
Abrudan Patriţiu – Chairman
Nicoară Marius-Petre - Member
Frățilă Constantin - Member
Risk Committee
Frățilă Constantin – Chairman
Abrudan Patriţiu - Member
Nicoară Marius-Petre - Member
Nomination Committee
Frățilă Constantin – Chairman
Abrudan Patriţiu - Member
Nicoară Marius-Petre - Member
Remuneration Committee
Nicoară Marius-Petre – Chairman
Abrudan Patriţiu - Member
Frățilă Constantin - Member

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