Estimate: 70% occupancy rate for the THR hotels on the coast

Estimate: 70% occupancy rate for the THR hotels on the coast

With a first month of the summer season above the average of recent years, Transilvania Investments, the main shareholder of Turism, Hoteluri, Restaurante Marea Neagră S.A. (THR), estimates a 70% occupancy rate for the 2022 summer season. The increased interest of Romanian tourists for the southern coast and the prices below the market average create premises for an increase in demand for the more than 5,000 accommodation places that the company, through THR, operates in the tourist circuit.

In the last year, the company has invested over EUR 1 million in the hotels directly managed on the coast, in order to align them with the customers desired standards. Moreover, starting this year, all-inclusive services have been provided in several hotels, to meet the growing demand from tourists. In the case of THR customers, 99% are Romanian tourists who mainly opt for hotels located on the beach, most of the managed hotels fulfilling this key criterion when choosing accommodation.

Travel and leisure sector holds a very important place in Transilvania Investments portfolio, representing 23% of it, as distribution by sectors, according to the data available as at March 31, 2022. More information about the Company's investments is available here


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