Open dialogue at "Investor Day 2022"

Open dialogue at "Investor Day 2022"

Transilvania Investments „Investor Day” was the perfect opportunity for investors to meet the investment fund's team and learn about the latest news on its activity. Held in September 23rd, at the Cleopatra Hotel in Saturn Resort, one of the assets in the Transilvania Investments’ portfolio, the event provided a complete image of the main directions of action and answers to investors' questions.

"Resilience in a difficult context" was the topic under which Radu Roșca, executive president, detailed the new strategic directions adopted by the fund to increase competitiveness. Tourism remains one of the important pillars on which Transilvania Investments builds its performance. In 2022, the fund manager promoted and carried out several projects for the companies in which it is the majority shareholder, through investments and changes in the management models.

More than 50 venture capital and private equity projects have been analyzed by Transilvania Investments in the last year, Radu Roșca emphasizing the effort made by the fund’s team to develop the portfolio on this strategic pillar.

With a diverse portfolio of financial instruments, Transilvania Investments aims for sustainable growth for its investors, through decisions based not only on financial evolution, but also on the gradual integration of environment, social and governance factors. These topics have been detailed by Theo Buftea, executive vice-president, who emphasized that the company promoted the development of corporate governance under the conditions of applying best practices and achieving a prudent management.

Transilvania Investments' priority remains to create confidence and predictability for investors, even in a less favorable market context. Stela Corpacian, executive vice-president, spoke about the new organizational culture, based on efficiency and transparency, that Transilvania Investments is developing at the team level.

All the information presented during the Investor Day” may be consulted here


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